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Grand News # Sep, 2010


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Christer Hermansson – Cultural Division Chief (Tusculum)

Christer Hermansson is back with a new obstinate novel. In Cultural Division Chief the absurdity of small details are given free space. The book is an independent sequel to Hermansson’s Ich bin ein Bibliothekar! in which we met the timid librarian Oliver C. Johansson and followed his fortunes and adventures at the Södertälje city library. Now Oliver C. Johansson has, in some strange way, advanced and become the Chief of the Cultural Division in Strangeness. When Cultural Division Chief is published, a new edition of Ich bin ein Bibliothekar! is also released. High class entertainment for those capable of seeing the absurdities in life (and the cultural administration). Read more …


Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg – The Temple Fire (Historiska media)

It is in the middle of the 11th century and the Swedish nation is being Christened. Strong families are fighting for power using religion as their weapons. On the small farm outside Uppsala they are celebrating sacrificial feast and the people on the farm do not know what is coming. Suddenly unknown men show up. They have orders to turn the heathens to the new faith. The strong woman Åsa becomes the only witness to what happens and eventually she faces a fateful decision. At the same time the final battle is closing in between the old and the new. The Temple Fire is the third book in the series The Family, which takes the reader through history with independent novels connected through family connections between the characters. The previous part, Sigrid’s Secret, was written by Karin Wahlberg. Read more about The Temple Fire here …


Katerina Janouch – The Orphan (Piratförlaget)

The Orphan is the third novel in the series about midwife Cecilia Lund. An unexpected pregnancy raise questions about Cecilia’s marriage. Is it stable enough for yet another challenge? One night Cecilia discovers an abandoned child on the stairs to the maternity ward. Who has left the child, and why? Both her private life and work life is turbulent for Cecilia, and as always Katerina Janouch portrays both environments and emotional life with empathy and sharpness. The Cecilia Lund series as gradually transformed into a great success in Sweden, with a total of 135000 (!) copies sold for the first two books (Betrayed and Sisterhood). Read more about The Orphan here …


Clara Jonsson – Clara Jonsson’s Erotic Diary (Xstory/Lind)

With her four erotic short stories collections Lust, Passion, Desire and Covet, the pseudonym Clara Jonsson has established herself as Sweden’s most popular and bestselling erotic author. Sensual, feminine, steaming and always outspoken, she portrays the sexuality of the modern people. In Clara Jonsson’s Erotic Diary we get to follow the author on her erotic adventures, we get to see how her sexual identity is built up through sensual experiments and exciting meetings. The modern woman is free to live her life the way she wants and to recognize her lust. Clara Jonsson does – and tells us about it in her own way. Read more …


Recent international releases


Words from the agent

There probably isn’t any author who doesn’t feel a tingle to the stomach the first time they hold a foreign copy of their book is in their hands. To see your book in Norwegian or Dutch is a great feeling. Naturally, at the agency it is quite common with parcels arriving with books from different countries, but even for us it is a special feeling to hold a Taiwanese copy of a Swedish author’s book in our hands. The Chinese characters are unfamiliar next to the author’s name and the fact that one opens the book from the back gives it an exotic touch.


It is gratifying that new markets and new publishers find the Scandinavian literature. For example, the last six months many of our authors have found a new home not just in Asia, but also in the Baltic States, Russia and Poland. Not to mention southern Europe who really seems to have longed for the Scandinavian melancholy and darkness.


During this autumn we promise more Scandinavian titles will travel abroad through Grand Agency. Keep yourself updated on our news through our web site now and then. And don’t forget to accompany us on Facebook by “liking” our side.


Best regards from Maria Enberg and Grand Agency


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