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Grand News # September III, 2011


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Elizabeth Gummesson – Let’s Talk (Forum)

- Leaving already you old bore?

- I love meeting you; I’ll miss you when you leave!


Hear the difference between these two remarks? The first is accusatory and designed to instil feelings of guilt, which it also does. The second is affectionate and will be taken as such. The way we communicate reflects our values. It’s no coincidence that when we say what we mean and have the courage to speak from the heart, the relationships we have with other people and ourselves become pure gold. If we express ourselves more clearly and become better listeners, we can avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts and we gain trust, respect and understanding.Elizabeth Gummesson takes us on a journey of discovery as we learn how to handle energy vampires, deal with nasty comments, have smarter arguments with our partners, hold difficult conversations with our managers or talk to our teenagers. Let's Talk is a very useful book. It’s filled with exercises, fresh outlooks and models of expression, and – especially – inspiration and communication that will improve your life quality by helping you build healthy good relationships. So that in the end, everyone’s a winner! Read more …


Nicolas Jacquemot – You and Your Ex (Natur & Kultur)

Everyone who has been in a relationship has an ex partner. Some of us have few ex’s, others have many. Some people have no contact what so ever with his or her ex, others see their ex’s regularly. The reasons to keep seeing each other varies, some ex partners are still friend, some have children together, some have common friends and some just can’t let go of each other even when they really want to. Whatever the reasons are, the relation may be complicated, or impossible. This book deals with your relations to your ex – how it was, how it is and not the least, how it could be. Intense grief, anger, frustration, longing, emptiness, feeling of relief, guilt or lust to revenge. There are many emotions, but not as many answers, when a relationship ends. With the experience from others we have to find our own answers. As always, Nicolas Jacquemot guides the reader with a light hand and without noticing it one will absorb his facts and wisdom. Read more…


Eva Sanner – Sand in the Shoes (Optimal förlag)

Let sustainability be your motto. In Sand in the Shoes, you learn to find sustainability in all of life's ingredients. Eva Sanner is a modern looking, eye-opening companion. The main character in the book, Susanna, is a young, successful television journalist who finds herself in a life crisis. She makes a reportage trip to France in order to portray a famous French writer, Daniel, who has retreated to a mountain village to live a life in harmony with nature. Susanna becomes intrigued and attracted. Back in Stockholm, her and her husband lives a good life. Shopping, eating out, traveling, living in a luxury apartment. Anders serves well in the financial industry, but is caught embezzling money. Their relationship is shaken. The contrast between the two men’s lifestyles is enormous. Susan begins to question her own life choices. The story gives the reader and opportunity to ask questions: How do we take care of the recourses of our earth?  What happens to our bodies and our souls? How many material things do we need? Sand in the Shoes is a book about making active choices and changing your lifestyle. Read more ...


Recent international releases

France: Amanda Lind – The Gospels According to Francy

The Netherlands: Varg Gyllander – Some Lines Break

Italy: Varg Gyllander – Only Important People Die


Word from the agent


The large book party in Gothenburg has once again broken its previous records. There were more visitors, more exhibitors, more seminars and programmed activities this year as well as unusually many Grand Agency authors. Hopefully you, as a foreign publisher, got a chance to listen to your authors at a seminar or stand program. The fair also reports that the German theme has exceeded all expectations. The audience, publishers and media flocked around the theme stand and the large newspapers spent full pages for author portraits and trend spotting.


We find the mutual interest for literature incredibly pleasant. And the agent center too, was more crowded than previous years. More publishers are interested in the Scandinavian news and want to have a look before the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair. The books in this newsletter has the theme communication and we are happy to celebrate that the communication is reaching triumphs when authors, readers, publishers, journalists and books meet in the wonderful mix called a book fair.


See you in Frankfurt!                       

Maria Enberg and Grand Agency.


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