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Grand News # Sep 2010, part 2


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Drama Queens – Maria Ernestam, Lina Forss, Inger Frimansson, Moa Herngren, Anna Jansson (Pocketförlaget)

Drama Queens gather suspenseful stories about the dramas of life. The stand alone short stories are written by five of Sweden’s best female authors, known to write thrilling, engaging and emotional. For the first time their voices meet in one book. Drama Queens is about birth, death, passion, work, infidelity , everyday life, friendship and hostility. It’s big, it’s small, it’s everything. Some of the authors are veterans, award winners and published all over the world. Others are in comparison fairly new on the literary arena. But they share some things – they all have a bubbling fantasy, an understanding for different people and a great ability to deliver good stories. With Drama Queens the authors, Pocketförlaget (Sweden’s largest independent paperback publisher) and Grand Agency strike a blow for free storytelling and genre mixture. Read more…


Bob Hansson – Oops, Suddenly There Was Life (Ordfront)

With his new book, Bob Hansson, one of Sweden’s greatest and definitely the most entertaining love poet, has created a novel full of biographical tales from his own life and family. The story starts with the narrator’s hilarious journey to India. A trip he starts although one crucial detail is missing, a visa to India. The book is filled with meetings between people from all over the world: Skåne, Syria, Skövde, Lebanon and India. It’s also about evolution, disasters and copulation. All the things needed for a new human being to be born. In this book an insane comedy meets a deep and important seriousness. Oops, Suddenly There Was Life is a humorous and spiritual story about love, celebrating life. With this book Bob Hansson takes a large step to be a great narrator, with a grand message – without love, no life, without life, nothing. Read more…


Martin Svensson - When Nothing Else Helps (B. Wahlström)

Martin Svensson’s first novel for teenagers/young adults take place in the small coastal town Varberg. In Varberg you shouldn’t want more than anyone else, you shouldn’t know more than anyone else, and most of all, you shouldn’t think more of yourself than anyone else. Leo, one of three main characters in this story is not like everybody else. He wants to become a guitarist, move to Stockholm and he wants to hang with Dilek, the absolutely beautiful, mysterious and different girl he met in the video shop.  Dilek has her own struggle to fight. Her family is moving to Stockholm. But first, they are going to Turkey to find the right man for Dilek. In Turkey the young man Zelahatin recents the thought of marrying his father’s friend’s daughter. The struggle of these three young persons, all wishing to have a full and independent life, are told parallel in a suggestive and strong novel. Read more…


Words from the Agent

It’s fair season and with that comes all the literary prizes and awards. During the Bok&Bibliotek fair in Gothenburg a number of merited authors will be awarded. Many of Grand Agency’s writers will receive prizes during the fair.


Friday morning Cilla Naumann gets the prestigious Nils Holgersson prize for her acclaimed young adult book Bullets In The Heart. During the Pocket Prize event on Friday six of our authors will receive prizes for great sales. Another prize handed out on Friday is the Copyright Hero Prize. A strong and determined Grand Agency author will be rewarded. On Saturday the winner of Swedish Public Service Radio (P1) Short Story Competition 2010 will be announced. One of the nominees is Bob Hansson. Bob is also one of the busiest authors during the fair with lectures, readings, signings and shows from early morning to late night. Keep an extra eye on this expressive author!


Don’t miss these highlights. If you don’t go to Bok&Bibliotek you can follow the news on our web and on Facebook. See you in the crowd!


All the best, Lena Stjernström och Grand Agency


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