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Grand News, September 2012


Grand Agency presents news from Scandinavia


Maria Ernestam – Daughters of the Marionettes (Forum)

Once again Maria Ernestam has written a fantastic family tale. This time about the power of love and fear for the unknown.


Three sisters live a relatively quiet life in the small community on the west coast. There was turmoil in the family when the sisters were young. Their father was found shot sitting on one of the family's carousel horses. No one knows what happened. Today Mariana runs a toy shop with antique toys, Elena runs a bakery where she imaginatively bakes the most stunning wedding cakes, as well as black divorce cakes. Karolina runs a funeral business with original and highly personalized coffins. One day an American moves to town, Amnon. He is planning to write a book about his father, who lived in the area during World War II. Amnon starts asking questions. His presence makes many anxious and strange things start happening. The quiet days are over ... Read more ...



Cilla Naumann – Running With Oars (Albert Bonniers Förlag)

Best friends or not? Johanna, the city girl and Monika the countryside girl meets one very hot summer on the Island of Gotland. Johanna’s family rents the old decorated barn on Monika’s father’s property. With the girls very different backgrounds nothing is taken for granted and they put each other to test – to find out levels of loyalty and friendship. When a boy enters the scene their relationship becomes very fragile. Many years later the two sons of Monika and Johanna meet, and they unwittingly provokes their mothers charged and fateful class conflict. Read more ...


Lars Rambe – Kvinnorna i sjön (Hoi förlag)

Lars Rambe takes a pause from his traditional detective stories and enters the suggestive road of suspense and horror. The young photographer Johan Åberg is taking pictures in the old industrial area, a raw and frayed environment that fascinates him. When two young women are found murdered in the lake it affects John deeply. Visions that follow him suggest that he knows more about the incident than he understands and when he is drawn into a love triangle his life will change forever. Years later, Johan returns reluctantly, now a broken man tormented by headaches, memory lapses, and ghosts that haunt him. From the very first page, the reader is drawn into the creepy story where old myths blend with tragic murders. But is everything really just coincidences? Read more ...


Recent international releases

Denmark, Rosinante: Cilla & Rolf Börjlind – The Spring Tide

Estonia, Varrak: Sara B. Elfgren & Mats Strandberg – The Circle

Finland, Gummerus: Tove Alsterdal – Women on the Beach

The Netherlands, Querido: Elisabeth Åsbrink – And in Wienerwald the Trees Still Remain

Norway, Vigmostad & Bjørke: Östlundh – The Intruder


Words from the agent


When I was young, I had a black book where I took notes on all the books I read. Systematically and neatly I recorded author’s name, title, and something about the story. And, there was a ranking system of stars that were placed at the right side of the page. For hours I could sit and think about how many stars a book deserved. Five stars was the highest rating, while one star meant that the book was lousy. So bad that I actually should have put it away. However, this was unthinkable. To not finish a book would have been a crime compared to releasing oil into the sea, or sell drugs to children. How would that have looked, half-unread books in the bookcase? Stories, admittedly boring, but yet stories, which I did not know the end of? And half stars in the black book? Nowadays I'm not so proper. I just read. Sometimes to the end. Sometimes to page twenty-seven. Sometimes a book at a time, but usually one for each place where my life takes place, in bed, on the computer, on the e-reader or on the train. And one in the phone to listen to. Like you, I love books and what they do to us. With or without the stars in the margin.


Happy reading!


Lena Stjernström och Grand Agency


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