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Press release June 22, 2011


Swedish crime couple debut as crime writers


Cilla och Rolf Börjlind, highly acclaimed manuscript writers of a number of successful crime series for tv, movies and tv-series have finally decided to write books.


The authors have signed a three book deal with Norstedts and are right now working on the first book which will be published in the autumn of 2012. The crime stories will give a picture of Sweden, filled with social conflicts but where you also find humans with strong pathos and big empathy. For sure the books will also have the so typical Börjlind humor with strikes of surrealistic turns and twists.


Susanna Romanus, publisher at Norstedts:

”As soon as we saw the material we knew this will be very strong stories. Something beyond the usual. We are really happy to work with Cilla and Rolf and this project will play an important role in our publishing.”


Lena Stjernström, CEO at Grand Agency:

”When it comes to Swedish crime the foreign publishers have become more  knowledgeable and selective. Cilla and Rolf Börjlind’s stories will fit the international crime scene perfectly.”


Cilla och Rolf Börjlind have written 26 Beck-films for movie theaters and tv and recently the wrote the manuscripts for Arne Dahl’s A-group series.  In 2004 and 2009 Swedish television showed their long crime series The Grave and The Murders, written directly for SVT. The series became immediate successes, among the critics as well as with the audience. The couple has also written material for a number of tv-series such as Lorry and Rederiet. Rolf Börjlind has written 18 movies and received a Guldbagge Award for the manuscript for the film Yrrol.


For more information, contact Lena Stjernström, Grand Agency,
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