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Reload - How to become recovery smart

Reload – How to become recovery smart

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When Henrik Fexeus and Catharina Enblad met, they quickly discovered that they shared an interest – and the idea of ​​RELOAD was born.

Catharina Enblad is a journalist focusing on health and well-being. She has been editor-in-chief for the magazine Chef, and for many years she worked as an editor and senior editor of the health and fitness magazine ToppHälsa. These two magazines regularly write about their readers’ big problem, stress. Hence, for a long time Catharina’s job meant keeping up with the latest research findings on stress and recovery, a subject that also quickly has become a personal interest.

Later, as a digital opinion advisor at a worker’s union, Catharina and her team created their own campaigns on job stress and the importance of breaks, based on specially commissioned surveys.

Henrik Fexeus has for more than fifteen years examined our inherent abilities and human behavior. After studying such different areas as psychology, marketing and philosophy, Henrik has gained an unique understanding of how we can best utilize our mental capacity.

Although Henrik is best known for his work in wordless communication and body language, an area in which he today ranks as one of the world’s foremost experts, he has always focused on our being as a whole and has regularly returned to the topic in his books.

Catharina and Henrik realized, in their separate fields, how important it was for them personally to be able to work with effective recovery, in order for them to be able to feel good despite their rather hectic lives. With their respective professional roles, they had the opportunity to analyze which tools and techniques for recovery actually provide realistic results.

When Catharina and Henrik met, they quickly discovered that they shared this interest. It also turned out that others were also interested in the same thing. Thus, the idea of ​​RELOAD was born. But Catharina and Henrik did not want to write another book about how dangerous it is to stress. Instead, they wanted to lift the fact that you can continue to do everything you want and still feel good – if you also make sure to recover. It is actually possible to have the cake and eat it. In RELOAD Catharina and Henrik want to teach you how to become “recovery smart”. Because then, life becomes so much more fun.


2019 – RELOAD – The Art of Smart Recovery popular psychology

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