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Blood Moon

Blood Moon


Czech Republic

Markus Lutteman is an author who constantly reinvents himself. The stories he creates, whether thrilling novels or narrative non fiction, always carry a message and always add a new piece to our understanding of the world. With his latest novel, Surface, he has truly established himself as a fiction writer with a distinctive own voice. 

Markus Lutteman’s Swedish publisher Bookmark calls him ”our most versatile author”, and rightly so. Easily and eagerly he moves between genres, always willing to try new ways of telling a story.

Having worked as a newspaper journalist for ten years, he debuted as an author with El Choco (2007), a bestselling real life story about Jonas Andersson who was imprisoned in Bolivia after a failed attempt to smuggle cocaine to Sweden. After that followed a number of biographies, among others the bestseller about high jumper Patrik Sjöberg, in which the triple Olympic medalist shocked the athletic world by revealing that his coach had sexually abused him as a young boy. Together with Mons Kallentoft Markus Lutteman then created the Nordic noir series about crime detective Zack Herry. After four Zack novels Markus Lutteman decided to focus on his own writing.

His first novel in his own name, Blood Moon, is a well researched thriller that digs deep into the lucrative illegal trade in rhino horn. In the novel Markus predicted that poachers would soon start to kill rhinos in European zoos, and just five months after the book was published he was sadly proven true.

His latest release Surface establishes the fact that with every novel Markus Lutteman takes his authorship to a new level. But although the stories are different from book to book, they always bear his clear trademark: once you’ve started reading it, you’ll find it hard to put it down.


2019 – Surface (Floden), suspense novel
2016 – Blood Moon (Blodmåne), thriller

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