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Colorful fantasy about hidden places

YA Fiction






When Nene Ormes one day walked past a gate in a wooden fence which she was absolutely certain never existed before, she began to wonder if there are more places you only see on special occasions. From that thought, it was a natural step to start wondering and fantasize about the people who live behind the hidden doors.

Engaged in role-playing games, Nene Ormes created her own game, with Malmö as the scene. Touched then developed into a book, and became Nene Ormes debut.

Nene Ormes has always loved folk tales, and urban fantasy is the natural extension of that. In addition, through her several years of work at The Science Fiction Bookstore in Malmö, few others know the Swedish and International Fantasy literature market as well as she does.

Nene Ormes’ momentum is that the only book she would prefer to read, is always the book she is working on at the moment. She likes the first person singular form, since it transports you into the character; as well as the notion that anything is possible.

About her own writing and about Malmö Nene Ormes says: “I can’t stop myself. If I don’t write regularly, I get unpleasant to be with. It’s like sugar – it is laced through everything and I get withdrawal symptoms if I stop. Malmö is for me, what Gothenburg is to Håkan Hellström (Swedish popular singer-songwriter). It is a fantastic imaginative city, I live here and it still surprises me sometimes.”

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2012 – Dreamer (Särskild), YA urban fantasy
2010 – Touched (Udda verklighet), YA urban fantasy

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