The idea that someone cold heartedly had set a living being on fire spread like a disgusting stench in Walla Hammar’s brain. 

When the nationalist folklore society Bredablick comes to Gotland to party and explore local island culture, it is the starting point for a series of heinous racist crimes.

What horrific things are going on here? The seventy-year-old woman Walla Hammar wonders, whose self-imposed life mission is to keep her part of the island in balance. To succeed, she enlists the help of her granddaughter Bella and the “other”, which some might call superstition and nonsense.

Walla’s view is most of all questioned by her son Pelle, who together with Najma Rumi, a young reporter on P4 Gotland, is starting his own investigation. They share an opposite belief then Walla: facts and scientific methods.

But nothing is as simple as it looks. Old crimes and new injustices are brewing and soon life will be extremely dangerous for everyone involved.

444 pages


Sweden: Lind & Co