After 10 years on the market, Henrik Fexeus’ The Art of Reading Minds has sold a million books and still finds new readers in new countries. The Art of Reading Minds has everything you need to know in order to become an expert at mind-reading. A new updated edition of the book is now available, simultaniously with the release of the book at St Martin’s Press in the US.

If you haven’t yet read The Art of Reading Minds, make sure you get this better, thicker and contemporary version of the best book on psychological manipulation, social tecniques, body language reading and how you can understand other peoples thoughs , feelings and opinions. Posture, intonation, pace, glances and hand gestures all reveal what a person feels. Often it will be in direct conflict with the message they are expressing in words. The new book reflects on the old material and presents new facts, knowledge and methods in the field of communication.

300 pages


Brazil: Verus / Grupo Record
China: CITIC Press
Czech Republic: Grada
Denmark: People’s Press
Estoina: Tänapäev
Finland: WSOY
Germany: Randomhouse / Mosaik bei Goldmann
Italy: Antonio Vallardi Editore/Mauri Spagnol
Japan: Sunmark
Korea: Tis Map Publishing
Latvia: Zvaigzne ABC Publishers
Lithuania: Alma littera
Malaysia: YLP Publishing
Norway: Schibsted
Rumania: TREI and Pandora
Russia: AST
Serbia: Vulkan
Slovakia: BRA(i)NGY
Sweden: Forum, Månpocket, Bonnier Audio
Taiwan: Fine Press
Turkey: Diyojen Publishing
UK: Hodder & Stoughton
USA: St. Martin’s Press


“I always quote this book. /…/The book taught be how to handle and control my relations to other people.”
Femina / SWE

“Messes with your mind.”
Aftonbladet / SWE