Rebecka E. Aldén

The Sea Rescue Volunteers Annika and Simon find a body of a dead woman washed up on the shore of Värmdö island. At first it looks like an accident, but when the woman’s daughter shows up, it turns out that her mother had called only a few hours earlier and revealed a terrible truth

Charlotte and Fredrik have been going through some difficult times for a while, both in their marriage and with the family, especially with their youngest son Hampus, who has not been feeling well. Now they are heading out for a sailing trip the last days of the holiday, just the two of them, to try to find their way back to each other. But the trip does not turn out as the imagined when they meet a group of friends from the past and well-kept secrets rise to the surface. Soon they question their entire relationship and their own past.

In August Moon, Rebecka E. Aldén continues her psychological suspense series, The Sea Rescue, which got off to a flying start with Black Sails, named one of 2022’s best crime novels by Lotta Olsson at Dagens Nyheter.


Denmark: Gutkind
Estonia: Ühinenud Ajakirjad
Finland: Minerva
The Netherlands: Cargo
Norway: Gyldendal
Sweden: Romanus & Selling


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