BLOOD MOON (Blodmåne)

Markus Lutteman

Promo video (in Swedish)

A rhinoceros is brutally killed and mutilated at Kolmarden Zoo, while Swedish rock star Rob Chazey is enjoying himself trashing a hotel room in New York.

Just 24 hours later, Rob Chazey finds himself trapped on the South African savannah, in the midst of a global web of rhino horn smuggling cartels and corrupt diplomats. He soon realizes he has become the main prey himself, but finds an unexpected companion in the uncompromisingly beautiful park ranger Thabisa. Together they decide to fight back.

Blood Moon is a quick page-turner about the ruthless trade in endangered animals – and the human suffering it causes along the way. A thriller portraying, as excitingly as authentic, one of the world’s dirtiest and profitable global markets today.

270 pages


Czech Republic: Omega
Estonia: Varrak
Germany: Penguin Verlag
Iceland: Ugla
Sweden: Bookmark Förlag
Ukraine: Book Club Family Leisure Club


“Markus Lutteman is a new star among the thriller writers! He writes in a more or less new type of genre.”
Sommerlese.blogspot / DE

“Unbearably exciting and at the same time painful reading … A page-turner.”
Spänningszonen, book club / SWE

“A rock musician, a family father under pressure and a knowledgeable ranger on the South African savannah leads the reader through a tangle of hunger for money, cruelty and systematic exploitation. The pace is high and the reading constantly thrilling.”
Norrköpings Tidningar / SWE

“Blown away! That is the feeling after reading Mark Luttemans Blood Moon. In a credible language and with extensive research, he draws a portrait of the black trade with endangered species. An action thriller with a message – not that common, I must say, but a happy surprise.”
Epiloger, blog / SWE

“Extremely thrilling and sometimes quite scary … a real page-turner with a high tempo and good drive. I can highly recommend Blood Moon, it is a well-written, entertaining and at the same time a very important book that highlights an important subject. 4+ out of 5.”
Midnattsord, blog / SWE

“A thrilling and entertaining book which succeeds in weaving the seriousness and reality into fiction while the author addresses one of today’s most important questions: what is our responsibility for our world’s future? The book ends in an exemplary manner with the facts and the source material for those who want to immerse themselves. 4 out of 5.”
LitteraturMagazinet / SWE

“A thought provoking book … thrilling, well-written and easy to read. The book feels realistic in many parts which makes it even better.”
Mysterierna, blog / SWE

“Lutteman really manages to capture the reader in a very exciting fiction novel based on real facts. Blood Moon is instructive, sad, horrifying, exciting and definitely a page-turner.”
Lindas bokhylla, blog / SWE

“A thriller that keeps you hooked from the first page and impossible to put down. At the same time it is a horrifyingly accurate description of what actually is going on in the world, how the dirty trade with rhino horn and the poaching to get them works.”, blog / SWE

“Markus Luttemans Blood Moon is a completely new and highly topical thriller that I strongly recommend everyone to read.  The misplaced Headbanger Rob Chazey … entertains with a lot of humour next to all the terrible, in an odd but cool mix that lifts the reading experience.”
Bokpärlan, blog / SWE

“Strong, scary and just a perfect thriller.”
Sydvenskan / SWE

“Lutteman skilfully weaves together the different stories of people. With exact language and with extensive research, he draws a picture of the black trade of endangered species. A real page turner. An action thriller with a message, not so common, but I must say, a happy surprise.”
Books / SWE

“I am hugely impressed by the research Lutteman has done. The story is exciting and at the same time really horrible and it leads to a lot of concerns about endangered animals and the people who are involved in poaching and trade. Blood Moon is an engaging and important book about a problem. It’s a page-turner that goes straight to the top list of this year’s reads.” / SWE

“Scary, painful and thrilling. Five out of five.”
Jennie’s booklist / SWE

Blood Moon is a rapid page turner told in an effective language. The novel’s perhaps foremost intention is to put the spotlight on the ruthless trade in endangered animals and animal parts. The depicturing of characters is good and the book is both scary and entertaining for every crime fiction lover.”