Peter Barlach

The third book about charming and strongheaded Caroline, who always follows her heart!

At last, Caroline’s restaurant is doing well! After a series of setbacks and eight months in jail, it seems that her chaotic life is over. Anstalten (The Institution), her new restaurant, is packed every night and draws guests from all over Sweden.

Caroline can even afford to hire a cleaning company, run by the charismatic Ilham.

Everything is moving smoothly, until the day when the cleaning lady Zulfiya tells her story about a horrific escape to Sweden, and how she is now working under slave-like conditions. Is it so that Ilham Städ AB, who appears to be correct on the paper, has something to hide?

Caroline immediately terminates the contract with Ilham Städ, and instead she hires Zulfiya herself, despite Ilham’s warnings that it can have severe consequences.

Then Caroline receives a package with unknown sender. The content makes her understand that a new battle has begun and that she may once again have to pay a high price.

227 pages


Sweden: Lind & Co