Everything you see around you, from great movies to the small cardboard tube in the toilet paper roll, is the result of creative thinking. Creativity can be seen as some mysterious supernatural force, but the truth is that everyone can be creative. And everyone is. And best of all, everyone can train their creativity.

Henrik Fexeus gives you techniques and exercises that will enable you to take control of your thoughts and thus becomes creative when, where and how you want.

We all want to develop but sometimes the time is just not enough. Now you can change your life during the flight between London and Paris, or while you wait for the late evening news. In the series In An Hour, some of Sweden’s absolute best non-fiction writers have summarized the best tips from their fields. Each book takes no more than one hour to read, but it holds knowledge that will last your whole life.

The books are all under 100 pages long and the writers are experts in their fields.

96 pages


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