HOW TO GET MENTAL SUPER POWERS (Konsten att få mentala superkrafter)

Henrik Fexeus

Henrik Fexeus talking about the book (in Swedish)

In his previous books Henrik Fexeus has had great success in writing about communication between the reader and the rest of the world. This time he turns inwards. How to Get Mental Super Powers is a practical, funny and eye opening hand book, with an explicit promise: everybody can trim his or her brain and optimize their unused mental capacity and thereby obtain a richer life.

With the same intelligence, sharpness and well defined expressions as before, Henrik Fexeus guides the reader through different areas and methods within both self help and psychology. The reader is taught how to make better decisions, train his or her brain, how to read quicker, control stress and nervousness, how to find harmony and happiness, and how to kick start his or her creativity.

556 pages


Brazil: Vozes
China: CITIC Press
Estonia: Tänapäev
Lithuania: Alma litera
Norway: Schibsted
Russia: AST
Serbia: Vulkan
Sweden: Forum