Heirs to Empire 5 - The Prison Break (Imperiets arvingar 5 - Fängelseflykten)

Oskar Källner & Karl Johnsson

Alice and Elias’ journey through the galaxy continues. Brock has been abducted by the Azkalors and the crew of The Eye is searching anxiously for him. They are also concerned about Alice who, since her encounter with the Mnemonic Knights, has been hearing voices and seeing things that don’t exist.

In a savage jungle on the prison planet Feroz II, Brock must brave monsters and killbots in a hunt for ancient artifacts. Kapa has a plan to save him, but will the crew succeed?

The Prison Break is the fifth part of the science fiction series Heirs to Empire. A sizzling space epic filled with spectacular marvels and shadowy mysteries, blistering-pace escapades, and terrifying encounters with the unknown. The story of Alice and Elias’ journey through space is simply magnificent.


Finland: Otava
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren