Peter Barlach

Caroline is waiting for life to begin. Her dream is to open her own tapas restaurant. The only problem is that at least half a million in starting fund is missing. So, for the time being she just has to do with the job in the deli counter at the supermarket Maxfood.

Between shifts she cooks, hangs out with her father – a grey zone criminal and former star chef – hooks up with men, not always the best choices, and becomes friends with Bente, a single mother. She also tries to reunite with her own mother, who has lost herself in her grief after Caroline’s little brother.

Then, one day, Caroline gets a very different proposal from a colleague. She is offered to participate in a crime which, if successful, could help her reach her dreams goals …

How to be Caroline is a modern Robin Hood tale – a warm and twisted romance with humor and excitement.

331 pages


Czech Republic: Dobrovsky
Germany: Harper Collins
Sweden: Lind & Co


Filmlance (Shine Group)


How to be Caroline contains everything a feelgood novel should. The author Peter Barlach debuts for the adult audience with a feel-good novel that manages to be neckbreaking as well as insightful at the same time. Barlach tells his story with a language that is somewhat reminiscent of eating something very good. Your toes curl up a bit of joy through certain expressions. How to be Carolinefeels like a cannonball. I even think I got a bit floored.”
LitteraturMagazinet / SWE

“What a successful debut and what fun and wonderful book. At first sight (read), it is unlimited fun and crazy, but at the same time there an underlying message and Caroline is actually a pretty bleak and lost person. It is incredibly easy to read, quick dialogues, clever language, and a story that is constantly pushing forward. Things happen all the time. The food’s very central in this story, so a good idea is to not read hungry. I heartily recommend this book to one and all – it is the perfect read a day at the beach.”
Fantastiska berättelser, blog / SWE

“This is a wonderful book, it moves high and low, there is sadness and pain but it never becomes heavy and tough, but still lingers in your mind. You find yourself laughing out loud at fun twists, comments and delightful characters. I am really looking forward to the sequel!”

How to be Caroline is a lighthearted, yet profound story. A modern Robin Hood story, to take from the rich and give to the poor. The book is easy to read and the text has a good flow, a good book for the hammock. The fact that it is about deep feelings and autism, homosexuality and crime, all in a mix, is a boost for the book. It is at times verging on the brink of dirty, but is rescued by the rapid one-liners and the story itself is constantly moving forward. The food Caroline cooks seems divinely good. So make sure you are not hungry when going to the hammock. Reserve a few hours, the book is a perfect easy to read page turner with a depth.”
Boktok73, blog / SWE

“A film version of How to be Caroline can certainly become a huge success. A speeded version of Yesterday’s News (Små citroner gula) with family problems from The Wedding photographer and the staggering crime from Tusenbröder.”
Situation Stockholm / SWE