Håkan Norebäck

It’s December and Jonny Bergman is on his way back to his hometown for the first time in a long time. His father is sick, and his mother wants the whole family gathered for Christmas. Now everything is going to be fine.

But when his father suddenly dies and the family firm needs to be saved, Jonny gets involved in his brother’s dirty business. His memories start to grow stronger. Painful memories of the tragedy he was once accused of, the things he was exposed to as a child. Jonny relapses into his former addiction, and one morning he wakes up bloody and confused. What did he do? And who is Nino, the quiet boy who tries to approach him?

One Last Winter is a story about guilt and atonement. About a boy who died and a boy who survived. No one will let him forget about his past, least of all himself. Håkan Norebäck has written a partly heart-wrecking story that deals with alienation and racism, death and revenge. But it is also a story about lost love and forgiveness.

272 pages


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“Håkan Norebäck – make sure to remember that name. Already on the first page of his debut novel I’m swept off my feet, and I’m immediately caught in a fascinating story that arouses my curiosity. […] One Last Winter is a gruesomely exciting and incredibly well-written debut novel by Håkan Norebäck that you don’t want to miss!”
P4 (Swedish Radio) / SWE

“With tiny little shiftings [Norebäck] manages to give a precise depiction of the one speaking; a child, a broken petty junkie, a violent dealer, a police officer, old classmates who became entrepreneurs. It is of such high class that I look forward to his next story.”
Dagens Nyheter / SWE

”Equal parts family drama as suspense novel, skillfully sewn together in this debut novel that doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects”
Expressen / SWE

“Norebäck puts his cards on the table and quickly places them in neat order. Through the element of surprise, the story comes together in an elegant way. The story is realistic through-and-through, but turns out to have other dimensions as well, when a mysterious boy called Nino persistently seeks out Jonny, it’s unclear why. The boy helps create a vitalizing insecurity […] The language flows clear and harmoniously.”
Aftonbladet / SWE

“It’s a really powerful debut, I’ve been thinking about the book every day since I finished it.”
Blekinge Läns Tidning / SWE

“Håkan Norebäck differs a great deal from the never-ending literary production of Sweden […] He has a much-needed voice in the choir”
Länstidningen / SWE

“One of this season’s most interesting debutes”
Vi Läser / SWE

One Last Winter is a debut novel that caught my attention from the very first page. […] It’s a story about guilt, racism and complicated family relationships and I’m incredibly touched.”
Villivonkansbooks, blog / SWE

One Last Winter is a novel that I will remember and take with me. And I really look forward to Håkan Norebäck’s continued authorship. I highly recommend the book to everyone. Rating: 5 out of 5”
Bims blogg, blog / SWE

“This is a suspense novel, but it’s also a family drama. It’s about guilt and atonement, about alienation, and moving on from your past. It’s also a story that gives something lasting to the reader. That touches. A very powerful and readable debut novel”
Ihyllan, blog / SWE

“a debut that makes me rejoice, while it’s awesomely well written.”
anna_bokkonto, blog / SWE

“Heavy yet hopeful. Never sentimental. An incredibly powerful, unforgettable debut written in a language that goes straight to your heart.”
marieinsweden, blog / SWE

“The characters and language are brilliant.”
mariiajohansson, blog / SWE