Reload - The Art of Smart Recovery
(RELOAD - så blir du återhämtningssmart)

Henrik Fexeus & Catharina Enblad

The first hands-on recovery guide!

It doesn’t have to be dangerous to stress, but it is fatal not to recover. Unfortunately, recovery is the very thing many people miss. Reload  is a handbook based on the most recent research which gives you practical techniques for creating a recovery-smart life. You learn how to handle the hectic everyday life without being broken down by health-hazardous stress. Instead, you can shape a more fun life where you can do even more. By finding your personal recovery type, you will understand how you can charge your batteries, both physically and mentally – without cutting down on what you think is fun.

291 pages


Brazil: Editora BestSeller / Grupo Record
China: Beijing Jie Teng
Estonia: Tänapäev
Finland: WSOY
Lithuania: Alma Littera
The Netherlands: Ten Have
Romania: Trei
Russia: AST
Spain: Diana
Sweden: Forum