The Kaknäs Tower in Stockholm has collapsed and the only thing left of Gärdet is a kilometer-wide hole. On one side, Adam stands with Jaquin and his army, a breakout group from The Gray, that obey his slightest hint. On the other side of the crater is Ky. She can’t walk and is, against her will, carried away by Bossi’s followers, a collection of the lost whom he has rescued from the underground village.

Stockholm is upside down and shaken in its’ ground, no illusion prevails anymore. This is where everything should start again. But what will happen if mankind itself gains power over their life?

The world that is taking shape in front of them is not the one they wanted. And Adam and Ky, each on their separate side, realize that they need each other to survive.

 The first is the concluding part of the psychological urban sci fi trilogy The Last Illusion. It is a book about power and fear, but also about humanity and courage. The mentalist Henrik Fexeus proves, that also in the arena of fiction, he is a champion of deep diving into the human mentality and at bending time and space.

375 pages


Finland: Art House/Jalava
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren

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