Peter Barlach

Caroline has reached her dream of opening her own restaurant. But even though the customers absolutely love her service, charm and cuisine of world class, after a year she has still not been able give herself a salary. “Caroline’s tapas”  just doesn’t make enough profit. So, when the new landlord Finn Bjurström offers her to rent a cheaper place in the suburbs, her best friend and colleague Bente thinks they should take the offer. But Caroline doesn’t want to give up her beloved oasis in central Stockholm.

The problems pile up when Bjurström turns out to have contacts at all possible authorities, and billions of reasons to kick out his increasingly obstinate tenant. Caroline realizes she needs legal help and contacts the lawyer Oscar, who got her out of jail last time. She had forgotten how attractive he is …

Caroline has another problem as well. Her former neighbor and friend Nancy is at the nursing home and all she wants is to die. The more Caroline sees Nancy suffer, the deeper grows the idea to help her.

The Key to Caroline is a stand alone sequel to How to Be Caroline.

297 pages


Czech Republic: Dobrovsky
Germany: Harper Collins
Sweden: Lind & Co


“Peter Barlach manages to entertain, with honor. A Swedish Bridget Jones, with slightly more darkness. I fall for the wayward, talented, and somewhat lost 26-year-old protagonist Caroline Södergren.”
Tara / SWE

The Key to Caroline is a true feel-good novel. The reading glides through the story like a warm knife through butter. It’s fun and boldly, yet not corny.”