When You Do What I Want You To is about influence and how we can learn to deal with it. The books is a follow up to the bestseller The Art of Reading Minds. The readers will definitely recognize Fexeus’ style; fascinating facts and figures delivered with both humor and perspective and never, ever boring.

From the second you open your eyes until the moment you fall asleep at night you are the receiver of endless persuasion and influence. Every time you turn on the radio or TV, once you open a book or a newspaper, when you enter a store, someone will try to plant ideas in your head.

Henrik Fexeus will teach you to see through all that. He explains how the influence works and he gives you tools to use when you want people to believe in your political agenda, when you strive to get your children to eat vegetables or when you want to introduce a yoga class on the coffee brake at work.

With the book Henrik Fexeus welcomes you to your own subconscious!

284 pages


Brazil: Vozes
China: Beijing Han Tang Yang Guang Media Ltd
Estonia: Tänapäev
Germany: Goldmann, Random House
Italy: A Vallardi
Latvia: Zvaigzne ABC Publishers
Lithuania: Alma litera
Norway: Schibsted
Russia: AST
Sweden: Forum, Månpocket
Taiwan: Fine Press


”Henrik Fexeus’ book is entertaining and interesting. It’s amusing and cheerful and renews old truths. It doesn’t judge or tell the reader what is right or wring which make the text fresh and actually suitable as complementary reading material in the schools.”
Gefle Dagblad / SWE