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2020 –  Max Anger – nominated for Best Drama at Festival de la Fiction TV  in La Rochelle, France.
2019 – STHLM Requiem – BANFF World Media Festival – Rockie Awards, Best Non-English drama series.
2015 –  Blue Eyes – Séries Mania, France – Special mention by the Jury.
2015 –  Blue eyes – Berlin Film Festival – chosen for Berlinale Special Series.
2007 – It’s my turn now (Det är min tur nu) – Worldwide Short Film Festival – The Telus Audience Choice Award
2007 – It’s my turn now (Det är min tur nu) – St Petersburg Beginning Film Festival – The Jury Special Prize.
2006 – It’s my turn now (Det är min tur nu) – Mill Valley Film Festival – Best Short and runner up of British Academy of Film and Television Arts/LA (BAFTA/LA)

Jörgen Hjerdt works as a screenwriter, novelist, and playwright. He has written both original work and adaptations for the stage and the screen, amongst others the Stockholm City Theatre and the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

Jörgen has created the acclaimed original political thriller series Blue Eyes (Blå ögon), for SVT and the thriller series STHLM Requiem for Tv4/ZDF.  In 2015 his debut novel Liberated (Befriad) was published at Weyler and received glowing reviews. In 2022 his audio series that takes place around the murder of Swedish foreign ministers Anna Lindh, premiered.

Jörgen often works with stories of political edge or with sensitive complicated issues. His debut novel is a story told in magic realism about depression and mental illness and its consequences for the close family. Blue Eyes deals with fascism in our time and his stage plays have dealt with sexual assaults and the world of dirt and cleaning. The latest year he has written comedy though, so everything can and will change in terms of what interest him.

Through the years Jörgen have a long collaboration with screenwriter/novelist Pauline Wolff, forming a dynamic duo.


In development
Dramedy series – with Pauline Wolff, Viaplay
Dramedy series – with Åse Kathrin Vuolab, Pauline Wolff, NRK
Drama series – with Pauline Wolff, Nimbus film
Crime series – creator, Nimbus film
Drama series – creator with Åsa Kalmér, SVT
Drama series – Miso film
Stage play – independent stage

In production
Untitled series – SVT, storyline, episode writer


Film & television
R.I.P. Henry – ViaPlay, storyline, episode writer
Max Anger/With one eye open – series, story line, episode writer
STHLM Requiem (STHLM Rekviem)– series, head screenwriter with Pauline Wolff
Blue Eyes (Blå ögon) – series, creator, with Petra Revenue and others
Andra Avenyn – series, episode writer
It’s my turn now (Det är min tur nu) – short, director/screenwriter
Mantra – short, director/screenwriter

In the Darkness – Källarbyn, Stockholm (Swedish and Ukrainian versions)
The seven cleaners – Swedish Royal dramatic theatre, Monsun theatre Hamburg
The girl and the guilt – Stockholm city theatre

Audio drama
Före/Efter: Nya Karolinska sjukhuset 2017– audio drama series for SR P1 Drama
Före/Efter: Anna Lindh 2003 – audio drama series for SR P1 Drama