Nils Abenius

Nils Abenius is an up-and-coming screenwriter & storyteller with a creativity sprung from his childhood room and playful mind. Stories are a way for him to explore the questions we carry within.

His writing usually expands upon topics which deal with the depth of every human being and the lives we live.

He finds inspiration in stories in where there’s not a clear sense of right or wrong, and where the audience is encouraged to decide for themselves. This can only be achieved if storytellers continue to dare ask and explore important questions. Nils has always been drawn to suspenseful dramas & existential thrillers with vulnerable and complex characters. His writing philosophy is: “A multilayered question combined with an unexpected story.”

Being a driven talent he does not only want do develop his own ideas but also support other storytellers. With his unique perspectives he wants to provide with his creative concepts, an eye for dialogue and for what makes a great original story. With every story he creates or works on he wishes to open up discussions that bring people together and spur curiosity in one another.

In development

2020 – A project for a well established production company, in collaboration with Max Annefelt
2020 – Writing on his debut novel “FLAME (Låga)”.