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During all his years as the author of the popular books about “Sune”, “Bert”, “Håkan The Troublemaker” and many others, Sören Olsson also has been writing the script to those of his films that have been filmed. It started in 1988 with the TV series “Fixing firm Happy Hat” for Swedish Television and up until today when he has written the scripts for both films about Sune and completely independent manuscript orders, such as “Ibrakadabra – I wish I was Zlatan”.

To tell stories is the most important thing for Sören Olsson, and he thinks it’s as fun and inspiring to write for movies, television or the theater scene, as for reading kids in all ages. He finds inspiration in human psychology, and is burning to tell stories about how people interact with each other and how we deal with situations that arise in life.

Sören Olsson says that an important part of working well as a scriptwriter is to be responsive to the ideas of others, and to relinquish all kinds of prestige, to achieve as good end-production as possible. It’s not whose idea it is that’s important – but whose idea works best to get the script as interesting as possible.


2014 – The Anderssons Rock The Mountains (Sune i fjällen)
2013 – The Anderssons Hit The Road (Sune på bilsemester)
2012 – Sune in Greece – All Inclusive (Sune i Grekland – All Inclusive)
2006 – Friday Madness (Fredagsröj), 10 episode youth program
2005 – Håkan, the troublemaker (Håkan Bråkan), 24 episode Swedish Christmas calendar
2002 – The world of Tosh (Sune och hans värld), 26 episode collaboration between Sweden, Germany and Canada
1997 – Big Sister and Little Brother (Storasyster och Lillebror), 26 episode collaboration between Swedish and Danish television
1995 –Bert: The last virgin (Bert – den siste oskulden)
1994 – Bert (Bert), 12 episode comedy series
1993 – Sune’s summer (Sunes sommar)
1991 – Sune’s Christmas (Sunes Jul), 24 episode Christmas calendar
1990 – Fixing Firm Happy Hat, round 2 (Fixarfirman Glada Hatten omgång 2), 4 episode comedy series
1990 – Troll control (Trollkontroll), 8 episode comedy series
1989 – Bosse: The biggest 7-year old in town (Bosse – stadens största 7-åring), 4 episode comedy series
1988 – Fixing Firm Happy Hat (Fixarfirman Glada Hatten), 3 episode comedy series


Ibrakadabra – I wish I was Zlatan
Sune V/S Sune
Sune’s Summerhouse
Sune 3


2006 – Vorona: The story of a Guardian Angel (Vorona – en skyddsängels berättelse), SR/P4
2004 – Christmas Calendar (Julkalender för vuxna), SR
1998 – Christmas Calendar The crazy Christmas of the Andersson Family (Julkalender Familjen Anderssons Sjuka jul), SR/P3
1987 – Christmas Calendar Shoe-Sten in the Timeless Time (Julkalendern Skor-Sten i den Tidlösa Tiden), SR/P3
1986-90 – The Diary of Bert (Berts dagbok), local stations
1983-93 – Sune, 90 episodes, SR/local radio


2017 – Sune’s Christmas (Sunes Jul), upcoming
2015-16 – Sune: Chaos in the cozy Friday night (Sune – kaos i fredagsmyset)
2009 – The Adventures of Bert (Berts bravader)
1990-2009 – around ten Sune productions
2006-09 – around five Bert productions