The Shadow Lily: 100 000 copies sold

We are proud to announce that The Shadow Lily by Johanna Mo has sold over 100 000 copies in Sweden. For this great achievement, Johanna received a necklace of the book from her publisher Romanus & Selling.

The Shadow Lilly is the second instalment in the Island Murders, the hugely popular series about police investigator Hanna Duncker, that is forced to return to her hometown on Öland after her father dies. In The Shadow Lily, a woman comes home and discovers an empty house. Have her husband and son, 14 months, disappeared voluntarily or not? Hanna Duncker is thrown into an investigation that exposes secrets and old loyalties.

The series have been sold to 18 countries and the fifth and last instalment, The Breaker, was just released in Sweden. It was at the release party that Romanus & Selling, Johanna’s Swedish publisher, awarded her with the necklace for selling 100 000 copies in Sweden. A huge accomplishment.