PETER BARLACH Deep and yet not heavy. Light but still not shallow.
Anne Cathrine Bomann Dense, beautiful and grand prose
CILLA & ROLF BÖRJLIND Justice and strong heroes – no compromises
MARIANNE CEDERVALL Drama, warmth and humor make a really good read
KALLE DIXELIUS Cool, smart and contemporary
REBECKA E. ALDÉN Characters you can’t trust, twists you won’t guess!
JOHAN EHN Stories that touch and stay for a long time
SARA B. ELFGREN Unlimited creativity
SARA B. ELFGREN & KARL JOHNSSON Nordic mythology meets Game of Thrones meets Gladiator
SARA B. ELFGREN & MATS STRANDBERG Storytellers with a love for supernatural drama
HENRIK FEXEUS He helps you comprehend the incomprehensible
JAN-ERIK FJELL Intense suspense and multi-layered storylines
LINA FORSS Gripping entertainment with forward drive
ANNA JANSSON High excitement and ethical dilemmas
JENNY JÄGERFELD Contemporary stories that change your perspective
IDA KJELLIN Modern adventures
HENRIK LANGE The world rocks when cartoons meet literature
MATTIAS LEIVINGER & JOHANNES PINTER Taking Scandinavian noir to a new level
HANNA LINDBERG Journalistic drive and contemporary style
PONTUS LJUNGHILL Murder and suspense in historical Stockholm
MARKUS LUTTEMAN Making a difference with suspense
JENNY MILEWSKI Spreading fear with pleasure
JONAS MOSTRÖM A fresh and edgy voice
ELISABETH NOREBÄCK Domestic noir in Scandinavian style
ANDREAS NORMAN High end international drama
NENE ORMES Colorful fantasy about hidden places
SIRI PETTERSEN Nordic Fantasy 2.0 – the gates are open
JOHANNES PINTER Facing the demons
PETER STJERNSTRÖM Innovative stories for stretch readers
MATS STRANDBERG You will love his characters - and fear for their lives
LONE THEILS Smart suspense and multilayered characters
KERSTIN THORVALL Iconic and brave
HÅKAN ÖSTLUNDH Quality pageturner with many dimensions