Emmy Abrahamson wanted to be a serious writer so that people would think that she was as wise as her literary-hero Gandalf. Yet she soon discovered that her writing was more like Merry and Pippin after smoking pipe-weed, and she now sees it as an honor to be called one of Sweden’s foremost feelgood and comedic writers.

As a child, Emmy named all of her Barbie-dolls Aurora and created graphic stories that always involved Aurora getting kidnapped. From an early age she also became a prolific diary keeper and wanted to be a writer. But she never knew what to write about not realising that her own life having a Polish mother, growing up in the Soviet Union and marrying a man who lived in a bush, were pretty good starting points (as well as containing plenty of comedy).

Emmy is a well established author, having written more than 10 books. Her debut My Dad’s Kind and My Mum’s a Foreigner (2011) was a young adult book received to great critical acclaim, and her second young adult book Only Way is Up (2012) was nominated for the August Award. Her first book for adults, How to Fall in Love with a Man Who Lives in a Bush (2016), based on how she had met her own husband, became an international bestseller and has been sold to 21 territories.

Emmy is passionate about female-driven comedy-dramas, comedies and sitcoms, and is currently developing several original ideas for both film and television. At some point she might also develop a TV-series about a woman called Aurora who keeps getting kidnapped.


2023 – Ibbe and Arve (Ibbe och Arve), Unlimited Stories and Sveriges Television, episode writer
2023 – The Andersson Family (Familjen Andersson), Unlimited Stories for SVT, episode writer

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