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The Big Banquet

The Big Banquet

Rights and awards


2019 – The Albert Engström Award for young artists

Emil Maxén is an illustrator, writer and comic artist. He is the creator of the highly acclaimed graphic albums about the grumpy hermit and half-troll Great Jobal from Krokjala: The Bag of Horrors, Snatcher in the Rye and The Doomsday Cuckoo .

As concept and storyboard artist Emil Maxén has made storyboards and visual manuscripts for several international productions all over the world. Among them the visual manuscripts for the music video ”Addicted to you” (Avicii). He illustrated the SVT Advent Calender.

Emil Maxén is interested in history and at the same time superstion and myths also intrigues him. He often mixes historical facts, epochs and persons into his different projects. The pictures often blend the bizarre, absurd and scary with easy-going, detailed and playful motifs.

The jury motivation when Emil Maxén recieved the Albert Engström award for young artists.

“Emil Maxén is genuine great lier who tells his stories with pictures. A young laureate entirely in the spirit of Albert Engström. A man who with his soul and work embraces both the lie and the truth.”

Bibliography graphic novels

2019 – Great Jobal from Krokjala – The Doomsday Cuckoo (Ragnagöken)
2017 – Great Jobal from Krokjala – Snacher in the Rye (Det surnar i säven)
2016 – Great Jobal from Krokjala – The Bewitched Bag (Skräcksäcken)

Bibliography children fiction

2019 – The Big Banquet (Knäckarbanketten), children novel 6-9. Written together with Sara B. Elfgren

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