2019 – Storyteller of the Year, Riagalan

Being human is hard… but what better way to deal with it than through laughter? Marja Nyberg’s speciality lies in exploring human behaviour through comedy. She does this by identifying her character’s everyday issues and finding the comic angle in their struggle. Marja will make you laugh – and fall in love with her characters.

Marja’s career started at the radio, where she wrote on several sketch programs at P3. This led to the request of test writing an episode for the popular tv-show Partaj. The episode was accepted, and since then, Marja has become a specialist in writing sitcoms, working with productions like Fullt hus and Sommaren med släkten. In 2022, she wrote two episodes for FLX’s hit show Solsidan, a dream job for any comedy writer in Sweden.

Apart from sitcoms, Marja has written a lot for children. Amongst her most notable work is SVT’s Christmas calendar from 2017, Storm på lugna gatan, that Marja co-created and wrote. It won her the prestigious award as Storyteller of the year on Riagalan.

Apart from being a screenwriter, Marja also works as an illustrator. Between the years 2016 and 2019, her comic Fadäsen, was seen in the magazine Metro every week. During 2024, she will start working on a self-produced animation film, a genre that she has much love for.

Marja loves to work on big productions and in writers’ rooms – sitcoms, drama-comedies, children’s shows – and her track record shows how appreciated she is.  A perfect hire for any producer who needs a good laugh!


In development
2023 – Tabitas Tattoo and cär, Dare Television, episode writer

2023 – Solsidan, FLX for TV4, writer
2022 – Handen på hjärtat, Breakable Films for Kanal 5, co-writer
2020–2022 – Sommaren med släkten, season 6-7, Art & Bob for Kanal 5, writer
2021 – Min historiske pojkvän, Baluba for TV4, script editor
2019 – Fullt hus, Art & Bob for Kanal 5, writer
2018 – Storm på lugna gatan, christmas calendar, Baluba for SVT, writer & creator
2016-2018 – Agenterna, tv-series for kids, season 1 & 2, Baluba for SVT, writer & script editor
2016 – Hur svårt kan det va, Baluba for TV4, writer
2013–2015 – Partaj, season 5-9, Baluba for Kanal 5, writer

Other formats
2019 – Frever, interactive mobile game for children, Friendfactory, content creator and writer
2017 – Trevlig Helg, sketch show for radio, SR P3, writer
2013–2014 – Den stora kärleken, sketch show for Radio, SR P3, writer and actor