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As an author, Mats has always been inspired by movies and television, which is evident in his way of building characters, telling stories and writing dialogue. Therefore, it is no surprise that his fiction is so well suited to being adapted into just that, movies and television.

The first of Mats novels to become film was The Circle, which he co-wrote with Sara B. Elfgren. It became a major success, being nominated for three Guldbagge’s (the most prestigious movie award in Sweden) and paving the way for an upcoming generation of Swedish actors.

The second of Mats books to be adapted was Konferensen, who arguably was an even bigger hit. After it premiered, on Friday the 13th 2023, it was the most streamed film on Netflix – worldwide! – for four days running, and it got a great reception, both amongst audiences and critics.

The third and fourth of Mats books to be adapted to the screen is Blood Cruise (tv-series) and The Home (feature film) … Let’s just say we are all very excited to see the result!

For Mats, it is important to be involved in the process, either as a script writer or as an executive producer.

Apart from these films, Mats has written one play, The Most Dangerous Man in Europe, who received glorious reviews, and his children’s book series Frank the Monster was adapted into a play at Junibacken (The Astrid Lindgren museum in Stockholm).

In production 

Blood Cruise (Färjan), Tv-series, Northern Fable and Imaginarium/Sweden, UK
The Home (Hemmet), feature film, Inland and Sic Film Sweden, together with Mattias J. Skoglund



2023 – The Conference (Konferensen) original feature Netflix film, adaptation of book by Mats Strandberg, manuscript consultant and Executive Producer
2015 – The Circle (Cirkeln), feature film, Adaptation of book by Mats Strandberg and Sara B. Elfgren, Executive producer


2023 – The Most Dangerous Man in Europe (Salaligan), original play, manuscript, with Mikael Kallin
2019 – Frank the Monster (Monstret Frank), musical at Junibacken, Sweden, original story for theatre adaptation

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