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2023 – Children’s Cancer Foundation Awards – Comedy of the Year 2023 for Adult Behaviour (Vuxna människor)
2019 – Guldbagge Awards – Audience Award for Jag kommer hem igen till Jul
2003 – Guldbagge Awards – Best Short film for Viktor och hans bröder
2001 – Ingmar Bergman-priset (m. E. Ahrnbom, J. Broman, L. Gottfridsson, M. Klingberg, A. Pyk)

Daniel Karlsson writes scripts for film, TV, radio and the stage. He has written or co-written the feature films Min pappa Marianne, Jag kommer hem igen till jul, All Inclusive and Hallonbåtsflyktingen. The films are on different parts of the scale between drama and comedy, but they are all about families in different stages of crisis. Daniel often gravitates towards stories that hurt, because that’s also where the humor is.

For TV, he has most recently been one of the main writers for the drama-comedy series Vuxna människor, and he has also written episodes for success shows such as Tunna blå linjen, SPUNG 2.0, Beck and Lite som du, aswell as writing for children’s tv-shows Allt och lite till, Allrams höjdarpaket and the Kristallen-awarded Lasse-Majas detektivbyrå. Daniel likes to switch between being a main writer and episode writer and he enjoys collaborating with others.

He has a recurring collaboration with Ida Kjellin with whom he has written Min pappa Marianne, the multiple award-winning radio series Mördarens apa and Exorcismen i Eksjö. 

For Swedish Radio, Daniel has been involved in writing two Christmas calendars, and the series F-som i sämst as well as Den oändliga historien.

Daniel also takes on assignments as a dramaturg for film and television.


Thin Blue Line (Tunna blå linjen) – Season 3, SVT, dramaturg



2020 – My Father Marianne (Min pappa Marianne), feature film, with Ida Kjellin
2019 – I’ll be home again for christmas (Jag kommer hem igen till jul), feature film
2017 – All Inclusive, feature film, with Mette Heno
2014 – Beck 29 The Invasion (Beck 29 – Invasionen), feature film for TV
2014 – Rasberry Boat Refugee (Hallonbåtsflyktingen), feature film, with Erik Ahrnbom
2011 – Somebody to love (Någon att älska), short film
2007 – A simpler life (Ett enklare liv), feature film for TV, with Josefine Broman
2005 – What happened at Öbacka (En sak som hände på Öbacka), short film
2002 – Victor and his brothers (Viktor och hans bröder), 30’, with Linn Gottfridsson


2022 – Adult Behaviour (Vuxna människor), TV4, head writer
2022 – Thin Blue Line (Tunna blå linjen), SVT, episode writer
2021 – The JerryMaya Detective Agency (LasseMajas detektivbyrå), TV4, episode writer
2020 – The JerryMaya Detective Agency (LasseMajas detektivbyrå), TV4, episode writer
2005 – A bit like you (Lite som du), SVT, episode writer
2004 – Bigwigs (Höjdarna), SVT, episode writer
2003 – Two places at once (Ella på två ställen), SVT, episode writer
2003 – S.P.U.N.G. 2.0, SVT, episode writer
2003 – Dreamteam, SVT, writer, ep 1-8
2003 – Everything and a bit more (Allt och lite till), SVT, episode writer
2002 – Skeppsholmen, SVT, episode writer


2013-2016 – Hansel and Gretel in Högdalen (Hans och Greta i Högdalen), Fria Teatern
2010 – Remake, Östgötateatern, ung-scen/öst
2008-2015 – Peer supporter (Kamratstödjaren), Fria Teatern
2008 – Peer supporter (Kamratstödjaren), Östgötateatern, ung-scen/öst
2002 – Untouchables (Oberörbara), Östgötateatern, ung-scen/öst


2024 – Mio min Mio (Mio in the land of Faraway), radio drama, SR
2021 – The exorsism in Eksjö (Eksorcismen på Aerö), DR, with Ida Kjellin
2020 – F – as in failure (F – Som i sämst)
2020 – The exorsism in Eksjö (Exorcismen i Eksjö), with Ida Kjellin
2018 – Tonje in glimmer valley (Tonje i Glimmerdalen), christmas calendar, with Janne Vierth
2018 – The teachers (Lärarna), with Laura Wihlborg och Paula McManus
2017 – The murderers monkey (Mördarens Apa), with Ida Kjellin
2016 – The never ending story (Den oändliga historien), with Pia Gradvall
2016 – The happy castle (Lyckoborgen), christmas calendar, with Alex Haridi and Cilla Jackert