Nordic mythology meets Game of Thrones meets Gladiator

VEI, Book 1

VEI, Book 1

VEI, Book 2

VEI, Book 2

Creating VEI


Czech Republic


2021 – VEI, Book 2 – Winner of the Urhunden Award
2020 – VEI, Book 1 – Silver medal in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award

The story about Vei has been formed during several years of collaboration between Sara B. Elfgren and Karl Johnson. It started off as a serial in the magazine Utopi and instantly gained a following. Since then it has been reworked and expanded and was originally published as two books in Sweden. Vei has gained praise and had tremendous success wherever it has been published in the world.

Sara B. Elfgren is a writer, screenwriter and playwright who writes for adults as well as young people and children. She is one of the authors of the Engelsfors trilogy, which has been published in over 30 countries. Her novel Norra Latin was nominated to the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literary Prize 2018 and has been translated into several languages. Among her many works are the hit podcast series Voices of the Dead, which was nominated to Prix Europa, and the award-winning VR game Ghost Giant.

Karl Johnsson is an internationally acclaimed comic book artist and illustrator with over ten years in the industry. His debut graphic novel Mara of Ulthar was nominated to Urhunden, the most prestigious award for comics in sweden, when it was released in 2009.  In 2020 the first three books of his sci fi childrens book series Heirs to Empire (co-creator Oskar Källner) was released in Sweden and was immediately a huge success. It has been published in several countries. Karl Johnssons work can be found in books as well as films, and he has worked as a cover artist for the American market.


Colleauge’s praise:

“Even if, like me, you have a lifelong obsession with Norse myths, I promise you you’ve never seen them like this — this strange, this vivid, this real. VEI takes the whole Norse cosmos and turns it on its head and brings it back to life in one stunning masterstroke. You cannot miss it.”

MIKE CAREY (Lucifer, The Unwritten) ON VEI
“A mythic tale that feels both faithful to its sources and enthrallingly original. Wonderful stuff!”

PETER BERGTING (The Portent, The Untamed, B.P.R.D) ON VEI
“This is comic art of the highest quality. Vei stands comparison to Valérian and LaurelineThe Incal and Fables. Karl and Sara have raised the bar for comic book creators everywhere.”

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2019 – Vei, book 2 (Vei bok 2), graphic novel
2017 – Vei, book 1 (Vei bok 1), graphic novel

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