Winner of comics prize URHUNDEN

We are proud to announce that Sara B. Elfgren & Karl Johnsson have won Sweden’s most prestigious prize for comics, URHUNDEN, for VEI 2

VEI, book 2 is an epic fantasy story based on Norse mythology, with a unique twist. Already a bestseller in Sweden, it has received glowing reviews by readers and critics alike, locally as well as internationally.

Our warmest congratulations to this critically acclaimed award.

The motivation:

”The second part of Sara B. Elfgren’s and Karl Johnsson’s fantasy story Vei effortlessly combines the epic adventure – a millennial battle between gods – with a psychologically credible story of the marks that political power struggles leave on families and romantic relationships. The reinterpretation of the Old Norse sources is sharp; the complex world Elfgren and Johnsson have created has a consistent and well-thought-out visual expression. The work challenges and modernises conventions in fantasy action series for adults. The fighter Vei’s journey to a kind of freedom contains both brutal battles and explicit love encounters, which are always meaningful to her story and, without question, moves outside genre-typical norm systems.”

Urhunden is an annual prize handed out since 1987 by the Swedish Comic Association. The award is named after the Swedish cartoon strip “Urhunden” which was created by Oskar Emil “O.A.” Andersson (1877–1906), who was one of the pioneers in Swedish comics.