Sofie Forsman & Tove Forsman


Ida Borg

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The Playlist

2023 – Tv show of the year (scripted) at Riagalan

Young Royals

2022 – Program of the year, Kristallen Award 2022
2022 – YA tv-drama of the year, Kristallen Award 2022
2022 –  Original Idea of the year (Scripted) at Riagalan
2022 – Tv show & duo of the year (Edvin Ryding & Omar Rudberg) at QX gay gala

Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent

Belgian JEF festival – Best Feature Film
Luxembourg City Film Festival – Best Film
Berlinale 2021 – Generation Kplus Crystal Bear Award
Guldbaggegalan 2021 – five nominations and two wins.

Tove Forsman and Sofie Forsman are sisters and write scripts for feature films and TV series in several different genres.

Together, they have co-written several television series for Netflix. Among others, the YA series Young Royals (2021-) and the start-up drama The Playlist (2022) about Spotify.

They have written the script for the award-winning family film Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent (2020) and the sequel Nelly Rapp 2 (2023).

They have several projects under development and in production, among other things, they are co-creators and have written the script for a drama-comedy film for Netflix (2023).

Sofie is a trained screenwriter at Alma Manus and has been active since 2012. Tove is a trained journalist and has previously worked for magazines. Their collaboration began in 2019 with an action-comedy idea that has not been realized so far but which they will never give up …


In production & Post production

2023 – One More Time, feature film, creators and writers, Breakable films/Netflix
2023 – Barracuda Queens, TV-series, episode writers, AspVarhos/Netflix
2023 – Nelly Rapp 2, feature film, SF Studios


2022 – Young Royals, season 2, episode writers, Nexiko/Netflix
2022 – The Playlist, TV-series, episode writers, Yellowbird/Netflix
2021 – Young Royals, season 1, TV-Series, storyline and episode writers, Nexiko/Netflix

Scripts written by Sofie Forsman

2020 – Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent, feature film, SF Studios
2020 – Sommaren -85, TV Series, episode writer, Art & Bob/SVT
2016 – Bamse och Häxans dotter, feature film, SF Studios
2014 – Piratskattens Hemlighet, Julkalender, writer 24 episodes, Tre Vänner/SVT
2013 – Elsas Värld, TV Series, writer 6 episodes, Tre Vänner/TV3
2013 – Biciklo, TV Series, writer 6 episodes, Tre Vänner/SVT