Sofie Forsman & Tove Forsman


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2023 – Best Feature Film, CineKindl Award 2023, Nelly Rapp – The Secret of the Black Forest (Nelly Rapp – dödens spegel)
2023 – Tv show of the year (scripted) at Riagalan, The Playlist
2022 – Program of the year, Kristallen Award 2022, Young Royals 
2022 – YA tv-drama of the year, Kristallen Award 2022, Young Royals 
2022 – Original Idea of the year (Scripted) at Riagalan, Young Royals
2022 – Belgian JEF festival, Best Feature Film, Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent
2022 – Luxembourg City Film Festival, Best Film, Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent
2021 – Berlinale, Generation Kplus Crystal Bear Award, Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent
2021 – Guldbaggegalan. five nominations and two wins



Tove and Sofie Forsman are some of the most wanted scriptwriters in Sweden, with their unique way to capture – and captivate – the coming-of-age generation. The two sisters started working together in 2019, and since then their production rate has been impressing, writing as well tv-series, feature films and theatre.

Their trademarks are to blend humour with heart felt drama, with a detailed eye for pop culture references, and with an ability to never let go of the most central thing; their characters. Tove and Sofie like to write in several genres and for different audiences, something that is apparent if you look at their resume.

One collaborator that has been reoccurring for Tove and Sofie is Netflix, where they have worked as episode writer’s on show such as Young Royals, The Playlist and Barracuda Queens, as well as having written the feature film One More Time.

Another reoccurring project is the films about Nelly Rapp. Sofie wrote Nelly Rapp – Monster Agent, that won many awards, and together they have written Nelly Rapp – The Secret of the Black Forest, which is currently in cinemas. A third film is also in the makings…

Sofie is a trained screenwriter at Alma Manus and has been active since 2012. Tove is a trained journalist and has previously worked for magazines.

In production 

Sakarias Womit’s (Sakarias spyor), theatre, Stockholms Stadsteater
Nelly Rapp 3, feature film, SF Studios



2024 –Midsummer night (Midsommernatt), TV-series, 5 episodes, Global Ensamble/Netflix, writers
2023 – The rush (Ruset), drama series, 10 episodes, Abby World/TikTok, writers
2023 – Barracuda Queens, TV-series, AspVarhos/Netflix, episode writers
2022 – Young Royals, season 2, Nexiko/Netflix, episode writers
2022 – The Playlist, TV-series, Yellowbird/Netflix, episode writers
2021 – Young Royals, season 1, TV-Series, Nexiko/Netflix, storyline and episode writers

2023 – Nelly Rapp – The Secret of the Black Forest (Nelly Rapp – dödens spegel), feature film, SF Studios, writers
2023 – One More Time, feature film, Breakable films/Netflix, creators and writers

Sofie Forsman

2020 – Nelly Rapp – Monsteragent, feature film, SF Studios
2020 – Summer of 85 (Sommaren -85), TV Series, Art & Bob/SVT, episode writer
2016 – Bamse and the Witch’s daughter (Bamse och Häxans dotter), feature film, SF Studios, writer
2014 – The Secret of the Pirate’s treasure (Piratskattens Hemlighet), christmas calender, Tre Vänner/SVT, writer 24 episodes
2013 – Elsa’s world (Elsas Värld), TV Series, Tre Vänner/TV3, writer 6 episodes
2013 – Biciklo, TV Series, Tre Vänner/SVT, writer 6 episodes