Netflix release numbers for Swedish productions

Last week, Netflix released viewer numbers for all their Swedish productions up until June 2023, and this was fantastic news for Sofie and Tove Forsman. The top three most streamed Swedish series are all productions that they have written episodes for, and the third most streamed feature film is one where they are both creators and writers.

The most streamed Swedish Netflix-shows are: 1) The Playlist (streamed for 14.6 million hours), 2) Barracuda Queens (13 million hours) and 3) Young Royals (8.6 million hours). All three shows where Tove and Sofie have been episode writers, on all seasons. The third most streamed film is One More Time (11.8 million hours), which is based on an original idea by Tove and Sofie and written by them both.

Read more about the rapport here.

We are so proud of Tove and Sofie and look forward to continuing our work together.