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Christin Magdu writes in all genres, but her heart beats for the drama comedy – a universe where laughter and tears meet and intertwine. She loves writing dialogue and is known and loved for her commitment and focus, which delivers work quickly with a high standard. “Under promise and over deliver” is one of her creeds as a screenwriter, as well as in life in general.

After having worked as an actress on stage, television and film, as well as doing jobs as a stunt woman and movie critic, Christin (at the time, Maroun), chose to follow her calling to become a full-time screenwriter.

She finished the well-renowned screenwriter’s program at IHTV (Institute for Higher TV-Education) in 2005, after which she was hired as a script coordinator and staff writer at Swedish Television (SVT) for their popular daytime drama Second Avenue (Andra Avenyn), which shot in Gothenburg. That soon led to her being promoted to story editor and head writer for the spin-off series Riverside – SVT’s first ever streaming series.

While working for SVT, Christin started developing and writing her own, original content, which gained traction with the industry and soon led to her writing in English, a move that took her to Los Angeles where she was represented by Hollywood management and production company Zero Gravity Management.

Since 2013 she’s been working as a free agent on tv-series (concepts), storylines, episodical tv and film for several different production companies (including being a dramatic adviser) in both Sweden and abroad. 2017 she was hired as an in-house writer for Brain Academy.

In Development

Adaptation of a best-selling Swedish novel (TBA), SF Studios, screenwriter
Feture film TBA, yellowbird, screenwriter



2023 – One last race (Ett sista race), SF Studios, Script consultant
2022 – The year I started masturbating (Året jag slutade prestera och började onanera), feature film, Gimme a break Productions/Scanbox, Screenwriter
2020 – The Pro, NCG, Screenwriter


2022 – Maskineriet (The Machinery), Anagram for Viaplay, Storyline writer
2017-2018 – Ambassadören (The ambassador), Brain Academy, Storyline development
2009 – Riverside, SVT, Screenwriter and Story editor
2008 – Second Avenue (Andra Avenyn), SVT, Screenwriter

Books and pod casts

2021 – Alexa’s World, drama pod cast, Spotify, produced by Bookmark, Writer
2021 – Alexa, novel, Co-author in collaboration with Margaux Dietz