Sabina Zupanc is a screenwriter with a background in the performing arts as an actress. Unexpected stories are as important to her as breathing is to life itself.

Her wide-ranging interests touch on everything from writing coming-of-age stories to mystery-fantasy. She is especially skilled in character-driven dramas with dark, witty humor. She writes drama, comedy, fantasy, horror, and thriller with emphasis on complex characters and sharp turning points. She creates original film and tv-series for children, young adults, and adults.

Her most profound inspiration is from eccentric characters, activism, fertility, and sexuality in all its forms. Her background as a midwife gives life to her stories. The dynamic combination of her midwifery expertise and her strong sensibility for the human vulnerability promises an innovative take on comedy and drama.

Sabina Zupanc is educated from Blue Cat Screenplay (San Francisco) for Gordy Hoffman, the National Film School of Denmark, Biskops Arnö’s Screenwriter Education, and she is in the 2019-2020 class of Alma Löv Script Academy

Free for option

Fuck My Life (Fuck my life), scriptwriter with Alice Kastrup Möller.


Filmography in selection

2021 – Rebecca, short film, Amphi Produktion

2019-2020 – Thin Walls (Tunna väggar), scriptwriter. Production: Globalans

2019 – Thicker Than Water (Tjockare än vatten), second scriptwriter. Production: Nice Drama/Viaplay

2018-2019 – Find Home (Hitta hem), scriptwriter pilote episode.

2018-2019 – In Snow (Det som göms i snö) / The Eighteen (De Aderton), script editor. Production: Alexia Wennberg/Yellowbird

2017 – The Love Child (Kärleksbarnet), scriptwriter. Production: Dessiné AB

2017-ongoing – Wetlands (Våtmarken), scriptwriter. Free for option.

2014 – Liv Strömquist is Thinking of You (Liv Strömquist tänker på dig), assistant director. Production: Dramaten


In development

Everything at Stake (När allt står på spel), scriptwriter. Production: Bright film

The Breast (Bröstet), director and scriptwriter. Production: Zupanc Film


2020 – After Bergman Scholarship
2017 – Anders Sandrew’s Scholarship

Screenwriter photo