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Snow Angel

Snow Angel


Czech Republic

Anki Edvinsson is a familiar face to many Swedes as from her former career on television, where she worked as a tv-host, journalist, and weather forecaster. Edvinsson more or less grew up at a police station, spending her time with her father and his police colleagues. Her older brother also made a career within the police force so there has always been discussions around the dinner table.

Anki Edvinsson moved from Stockholm to Umeå in north of Sweden, where her husband grew up, where she joined the local news team. When she decided to follow her long-time dream of becoming an author and signed up for a writing course, picking a genre was easy. Then and there she began writing the crime novel that later became her debut. After eight years in town with valuable insights from her years as a reporter, the setting of the book of course became her second hometown, Umeå.

When researching for the novel, Edvinsson’s interest for crime and psychology reawakened. She became curious to get to know her characters and wanted to explore the causes of crime, what makes a person choose that path, who becomes a murderer? She started studying criminology at Umeå University, which she has continued with the aim of a bachelor’s degree.

Edvinsson made her author debut in 2018 and Snow Angel is her second crime novel and the first one published by Norstedts. The setting is in the north of Sweden featuring investigator Charlotte von Klint and her colleagues at the police station in the town Umeå.


2021 – Snow Angel (Snöängeln), crime novel

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