Martina Bigert is a multiple artist in many fields with a sensitive nose for innovative original ideas with an edge. In her gaze, there is always an odd and humoristic way to see human beings at their essense, whatever the genre it is.

Martina has received prestigious awards for her accurate and warm stories about the human vulnerability. Or, as the motivation read when she and her co-writer Maria Thulin received the Molin scholarship for their cult tv-series Doctor Bears It All: “The contrast between the polished facades and the inner life has given a classical psychoanalytical entrance to the characters who are fighting, beautiful, grotesque, pale, fat and aging as they explore the conditions of life.”

Martina’s skills in creating characters who stand outs was confessed when Dagens Nyheter’s Nicholas Wennö named Henning Widell (main character in Doctor Bares it All) as the most touching character in a tv-serie in this decennium!

Martina writes mostly for film and tv but has also written drama for the stage.  She has also written and illustrated a number of children’s books and has worked as an illustrator for some of the biggest magazines in Sweden.

In development

Ottar, Nordisk Film, original filmscript
Half of Malmö is Populated By Guys Who Have Dumped Me (Halva Malmö består av killar som dumpat mig), Jarowski, Netflix, episode writer
Tabita’s Tattoo, TV4, scriptwriter



2018 – Sisters 1968 (Systrar 1968),  Swedish Television, original tv-script
2014 – Angel Village (Ängelby), Swedish Television, episode writer
2012 – Doctor Bears It All, Season 2, (Gynekologen i Askim 2), Swedish Television, original tv-script
2009 – Hotel Chantarel (Hotell Kantarell), Swedish Television, episode writer
2007 – Doctor Beares It All, Season 1, (Gynekologen i Askim), Swedish Television, original tv-script


2007 – All About My Bush (Allt om min buske), Sandrew Metronome, original filmscript
1997 – Suffering (Lida Pin), short, Svenska Filminstitutet/Film i Väst
2004 Jimmy Bölja’s imaginary-singersongwriter-school (Jimmy Böljas fantasitrubadurpopskola), short, SVT dokumentär/Svenska Filminstitutet
2004 – A Lonesome Cowgirl, short, Konstnärsnämnden/Film Stockholm, Animation
1994 – Barbara takes a walk, short, Svenska Filminstitutet, Animation


2021 – Hit the Road Margot! (Dra åt skogen Margot!), Zenit Production
The Moral Clock (Moralklockan), original play at Royal Dramatic Theater, Dramaten


2014 – Kerstin Thorvall Book Club (Kerstin Thorvall Bookclub eller det mest förbjudna 2:0), anthology, Wahlström & Widstrand
2005 – The Worst Journey Hetty (Värsta resan Hetty), children’s book, Bonnier Carlsen
2005 – The Worst Christmas Hetty (Värsta julen Hetty), children’s book, Bonnier Carlsen
2004 – The Worst Package Hetty (Värsta paketet Hetty), children’s book, Bonnier Carlsen
2003 – Barbara and the Devil’s Hair (Barbara och Djävulens hår), children’s book, Tago Förlag
1997 – Dolly Dott and the Long Tounge (Dolly Dott och den långa tungan), children’s book, Tago Förlag
1995 – The Holy Barbara (Den heliga Barbara), children’s book, Tago Förlag


2019 – The Ria Prize for Best TV-drama, Sisters 1968 (Systrar 1968)
2011 – The Lars Molin Scholarship, SVT/Dramatikerförbundet
2008 – Swedish tv-prize Kristallen, Best TV-drama, Doctor Beares It All (Gynekologen i Askim)
1997 – Best short film, Popcorns Filmfestival


2019 – Prix Europa 2019, Best Mini Series, Sisters 1968 (Systrar 1968)
2019 – Swedish tv-prize Kristallen, Best TV-drama, Sisters 1968 (Systrar 1968)

Photo: Emmanuel Ouzilleau