With horror on her mind


Lena Ollmark wants you all to have nightmares …

Or rather just dream a little more in general. But she thrives the most in the horror genre and she loves the drama and the powerful emotions that exist in a really good scary story. The characters she finds the most interesting are often those with some kind of emotional disorder.

Regardless if you’re working with drama, romance, thrill, or humor, an element of horror and fright could make any story come to a head and really ignite”, she says. “At the same time, it’s on the borderline between realism and make-believe that there’s a possibility to depict and describe moral and psychological gray areas.”

Lena is an old comic book geek, and when she started making money writing stories in the early 90’s, it was exactly what she got to do – write manuscripts for cartoons. She wrote the scripts for everything from Starlet to Swedish MAD. She has always loved to tell stories in pictures.

Since then Lena has written a lot of fiction, mostly for a younger audience. She has published over thirty books, written scripts for film and tv, worked with theater, sound- and radio plays, and written a libretto. According to her, an author only have themself to blame if they are bored. She finds it incredibly rewarding telling stories in different ways and in different formats, and that they all have their possibilities and limitations, which any author who’s ever tried writing a jump scare in prose knows, according to her.


Script work

2021 – Sweden’s History, 2 episodes, tv-series, SVT
2021 – The Little Ghost Godfrey (Spöket Laban), six episodes, tv-series, Art & Bob
2014 – Conversation 2.0 – The movie, short movie after a performance
2014 – A Tribute to Women Pioneers in Blues and Rock’n’Roll, show, Teaterstudio Lederman, Stockholm
2012 to 2015 – The Nervous Theatre for Ladies with Anxious Man (Nervösa damteatern med ängslig herre)
2011 – Little Anna and the Tall Man (Lilla Anna och Långa Farbrorn),  ­TV-series/movie after Inger and Lasse Sandberg’s books, Bobfilm, Filmlance and Pennfilm
2009 – Pomos’ Piano (Pomos piano), children series, four episodes, Swedish Television
2006 to 2009 – The Little Ghost Godfrey (Spöket Laban), 4 animated films for movie theatres on Inger and Lasse Sandberg’s books, Bobfilm, Filmlance and Pennfilm
2004 to 2005 – Bjorn Bear (Nasse), animated tv-series after Sven Nordqvist’s books, 12 episodes
2002 – Allram Eest (Allram Eest), children’s program Swedish Television
2002 – The Assistant (Assistenten), short story, part of Swedish Film Institutes short film project
2001 – The Silver Train (Silvertåget), horror story for children, Swedish Television
1988 and forward – The Three Friends and Jerry (De tre vännerna och Jerry), animated tv-series created by Magnus Carlsson. Swedish Television (and in USA and Tyskland among other countries).

2018 – The horrible Story of Little She (Den förskräckliga historien om Lilla Hon), opera for children in cooperation with composer Magnus Båge. Production: Musik i Västernorrland, premiere 2018

Radio theatre
2017 – We Are Scared (Vi är rädda) for the theatre group The Nervous Theatre for Ladies with Anxious Man

Pod material
Sveriges Radios UFO-pod

2019 – The Mystery With Heaven’s gate I (Mysteriet med Heaven’s gate I)
2019 – The Mystery With Heaven’s gate II (Mysteriet med Heaven’s gate I),
2019 – The Mystery With Pixies och Frank Black (Mysteriet med Pixies och Frank Black
2018 – The Mystery on the Whispering Wind (Mysteriet på Whispering Wind)
2018 – The Mystery With the Grave Spiral (Mysteriet med Gravspiralen)


Patrik Nilsson

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