Emmy Abrahamson Sparklingly funny
REBECKA E. ALDÉN Characters you can't trust, twists you won't guess!
Charlotte Al-Khalili Contemporary noir
ANNA KAROLINA Crime and punishment with considerable accuracy
Karin Aspenström Atmospheric suspense
Anne Cathrine Bomann Dense, beautiful and grand prose
CILLA & ROLF BÖRJLIND Justice and strong heroes - no compromises
Molly & Rolf Börjlind Dense psychological thrill
MARIANNE CEDERVALL Drama, warmth and humor make a really good read
PETRUS DAHLIN Challenges the norm for children and YA books
Anki Edvinsson Nerve-shredding procedural crime
JOHAN EHN Stories that touch and stay for a long time
SARA B. ELFGREN Unlimited creativity
SARA B. ELFGREN & KARL JOHNSSON Nordic mythology meets Game of Thrones meets Gladiator
Sara B. Elfgren & Emil Maxén Traditional fairy tales turn into Baroque fantasy
SARA B. ELFGREN & MATS STRANDBERG Storytellers with a love for supernatural drama
LINA FORSS Gripping entertainment with forward drive
Johanna Frid Daring and poignant
Lotta Fritzdorf & Johan Rosenlind Heart and thrill in pageturning stories
ANNA JANSSON High excitement and ethical dilemmas
JENNY JÄGERFELD Contemporary stories that change your perspective
Jenny Jägerfeld & Mats Strandberg Icons of horror literature at the psychologist
Lotta Kühlhorn & Håkan Östlundh Always ready to party
IDA KJELLIN Modern adventures
Bianca Kronlöf Humor, Intelligence and Integrity
Oskar Källner & Karl Johnsson Bringing geek culture to next generation
HENRIK LANGE The world rocks when cartoons meet literature
MATTIAS LEIVINGER & JOHANNES PINTER Taking Scandinavian noir to a new level
HANNA LINDBERG Journalistic drive and contemporary style
Emil Maxén Smart and playful when nature meets fantasy
JONAS MOSTRÖM A fresh and edgy voice
Lena Ollmark With horror on her mind
Lena Ollmark & Håkan Östlundh Eerie suspense
SIRI PETTERSEN Nordic Fantasy 2.0 – the gates are open
Thomas Pettersson He solved the Palme case
JOHANNES PINTER Facing the demons
PETER STJERNSTRÖM Innovative stories for stretch readers
MATS STRANDBERG You will love his characters – and fear for their lives
MATS STRANDBERG & SOFIA FALKENHEM Monster stories with a heart of gold
Gustav Tegby Noirish weirdness - closer than you think
LONE THEILS Smart suspense and multilayered characters
KERSTIN THORVALL Iconic and brave
Eva Whitebrook Books that make a difference in children's lives
Åsa Wikforss Sweden's Coolest Philosopher
HÅKAN ÖSTLUNDH Quality pageturner with many dimensions