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Dark Tracks

Dark Tracks

The Great Betrayal

The Great Betrayal



Karin Aspenström has always been drawn to storytelling. She has been writing since she was a child and is immensely fascinated by characters who carry a darkness that they often are unaware of themselves.

She worked as a journalist and screenwriter for film and television for several years before she made her literary debut in 2013 with a thriller in collaboration with the former police infiltrator Peter Rätz. Together they make a poignant and nerve wrecking depiction of Rätz’s years undercover while he was infiltrating Bandidos, Hells Angels and the Russian mafia.

Since then, Aspenström has written three more novels. A recurring theme in her work is the ordinary person struggling with a dark past – a past that constantly threatens to catch up to them. She skilfully weaves in a sense of noir in descriptions of family life and relationships, which transforms her books into captivating, suspense novels – such as her latest book, Dark Tracks.


2019 – Dark Tracks (Nattspår), crime fiction

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2019 – The Great Betrayal (Det största sveket), suspense novel

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