Molly & Rolf Börjlind

Dense psychological thrill

The Darkness Between Us

The Darkness Between Us

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Molly and Rolf Börjlind are a daughter father duo. The Darkness Between Us is their first mutual project.

Molly Börjlind is educated at the Stockholm Film School and has worked on a number of different film productions. She lives in Copenhagen and is now debuting as an author.

Rolf Börjlind is together with his wife Cilla Börjlind since long two of Sweden’s most appraised film script writers, and since 2012 also successful crime novel writers. Spring Tide, the first book in the series about Oliva Rönning and Tom Stilton, was published in Sweden 2012. Since then four more titles in have been published, and the sixth in the series is up for publication 2020. The series has sold to 30 markets and the two first books have also aired in Sweden each as 10 episode tv-series. Rolf Börjlind has an extensive list of movie script written with multiple successes, among the critics as well as with the audience.

8 hours, 8 episodes

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2019 – The Darkness Between Us (Mörkret oss emellan), thriller

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