To work with film and tv-shows is to collaborate, it is to be part of processes, to share visions with others. Johan Bogaeus believes that working with film is to compromise. It is an adventure you share with others.

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2015 – Doctor Proctor: bubble in the bathtub (Doktor Proktors tidsbadekar). Nominated for Amanda-prisen – Best children’s or youth film. Nominated for Best film for children at the BUFF international film festival

2014 – Doctor Proctors fartpowder (Doktor Proktors pruttpulver). Nominated for Amanda-prisen – Best Children’s Film. Nominated for the Audience Choice Award at Chicago International Film Festival.

2006 – Gone with the woman (Tatt av kvinnen). Winner of Best feature film at Hollywood Discovery Award. Nominated for Amanda-prisen – Best screenplay (shared with Petter Naess)

2004 – Just Bea (Bare Bea). Winner of Amanda-prisen for Best children’s or youth film.

2002 – Children of the Luna (Barnen på Luna). Winner of Best Television program – Live-Action at the Chicago international childrens film festival. Winner of the Childrens jury Prize, 6-11 Fiction at Prix jeunesse international.

2000 – A witch in our family (En häxa i familjen). Winner of the Childrens jury Prize at Lübeck nordic film days.

1998 – The last contract (Sista kontraktet). Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at AFI fest

For almost thirty years, Johan Bogaeus has written films for children and young audience (Christmas heroes, Children on Luna, Pelle No-Tail), romantic comedies (Just Bea, Gone with the woman), crime (The last contract, Beck). Johan Bogaeus is obviously unfaithful when it comes to genre and target groups. It is also inconsequential whether he works with selfinitiated projects or projects that are presented to him. It is the individual project that matters. What the context around the project looks like, the people involved and the story that is to be told.

Is there a common thread in the stories that Johan Bogaeus often gets caught up in?
The stories are often about a character’s attempt to become true to themselves, stand up for themselves, and live the life they have to live. Which, in a story should be difficult. I.e., the character has relationships that both support them and others that create obstacles. If you succeed in creating engaging characters with significant relationships, then you are well on your way to a good film story. Johan Bogaeus has often written for children and young audiences because he finds it incredibly rewarding to be able to reach children with a film or a tv-show. Everyone knows the importance of something you watch and get caught up in when you are young. That experience can remain with you throughout your life. And to be a part of that, as a screenwriter, is nothing short of fantastic.

What’s all this with lyrics and music? 
Yes, Johan Bogaeus understands that not all films should be made into musicals, and that some films should not include a single song. But since he likes to write lyrics so much, he always has ideas for stories where songs and music can play a significant role.


In production & post production

Feature films
2022 – BeckDeadlock (Beck – Dödläge) for Filmlance.
2021 – BeckRage room for Filmlance.
2020 – BeckUndercover for Filmlance.
2020 – Pelle No-tail (Pelle Svanslös) for Svensk Filmindustri.
2018 – BeckThe devils advocat (Beck- Djävulens advokat) for Filmlance.
2015 – Doctor Proctor: bubble in the bathtub (Doktor Proktors tidsbadekar) for Maipo.
2014 – Doctor Proctors fartpowder (Doktor Proktors prompepulver) for Maipo.
2006 – Gone with the woman (Tatt av kvinnen) (with Petter Naess) for Monster Film.
2004 – Just Bea (Bare Bea) for Maipo.
2000 – A witch in our family (En häxa i familjen) (based on the book by Ulf Stark) for Filmlance.
1999 – Star sisters (Stjärnsystrar) for Filmlance.
1998 – The last contract (Sista kontraktet) (with Börje Hansson, Kjell Sundvall) for Filmlance.

2004 – Everything and more (Allt och lite till) for SVT.
2002 – Cleo created by Tre Vänner for Tre Vänner.
2002 – Children on the Luna (Barnen på Luna) for SVT.
1999 – The Christmas heroes (Julens hjältar) 24 x 15 min for  SVT.

2005 – Mentor for SFI
2001 – Rain ghosts (Regnspöken) for SVT.
1997 – Close contact (Närkontakt) for DI.
1997 – The Professionals (De professionella) for DI.
1996 – Euroboy for DI

2005-2010 – Johan Bogaeus was employed as a film commissioner at the Swedish Film Institute.