VEI – BOOK 2 (VEI – BOK 2)

Sara B. Elfgren & Karl Johnsson

Vei has made her gods proud. She is their undefeated champion in the Meistarileikir. But the brutal gladiator games are far from over and it gets even harder to tell friend from foe. Vei has to make a choice. What is worth fighting for? And how much is she prepared to sacrifice?

Vei – book 2 is the final part of an epic fantasy story based on Norse mythology, created by writer Sara B. Elfgren and artist Karl Johnsson. Already a bestseller in Sweden, it has received glowing reviews by readers and critics alike, locally as well as internationally.

224 pages


Czech Republic: Zanir
Denmark: Cobolt
Norway: Egmont
Poland: Sonia Draga
Sweden: Kartago
USA/UK: Insight Comic (WER)


“Even darker, more beautiful, brutal and mature”
5/5 LitteraturMagazinet / SWE

“With its clever script and vigorous visuals, Vei sets a new standard for Swedish genre comics.”
Barometern / SWE

“You can’t help but to be fond of “Vei”
Expressen / SWE

“A Swedish comics classic is born!”
@svenska_serier / SWE

“This is very, very good.”
Seriepodden / SWE

“I’m so sad it’s over”
@nerdreadingbooks (Instagram) /SWE

“intricate and unique characters (…) this is an example of a genuinely original creative expression.”
Jönköpingsposten /SWE

“If you like fantasy, if you like mythology, if you like comics, this book is for you!”
Bokboxen, Akademibokhandeln Center Syd / SWE

“a smashing good modern Swedish fantasy comic”
Simon Säger, blogger / SWE

“a remarkable creation. An epic, beautiful, cruel and terrible tale about the lust for power, greed and treason. And yet, at its core it is a story about love and finding a way through hardships.”
Fiktiviteter, blogger / SWE

“Vei – bok 2 is a perfect finale. 5 of 5”
Cinnamon books, blogger / SWE

“absolutely wonderful”
Spela med David (Instagram) /SWE

“It’s a masterpiece.”
Piktografiska (Instagram) / SWE

“A climax for the ages!” /SWE

“Vei – book 2 is pure perfection”
5/5, / SWE