13,7 million views for Maria Wern

In the days between Christmas and new year’s, Anna Jansson’s Maria Wern series aired on German tv, where it made huge success. Four episodes were broadcasted over four days, with a total viewing number of 13,77 million. The episode with most views had 4,15 million viewers, which equals to 19,4% of the market share on linear tv.

The tv-series is based on the bestselling novels written by Anna Jansson and is produced Warner Brother Nordic (Eyeworks Sweden). The role of Maria Wern is played by Eva Röse (in the photo together with Anna) and the show is currently on its ninth season.

According to the German broadcaster of the series, these numbers “have never been seen on this slot (21.45) before”. And these are only the numbers from linear tv. The full scope of the German Maria Wern-fever remains to be seen, when the streaming numbers are published.

We are very proud and happy for Anna and everyone who has been involved in this success. And we look forward to seeing more Maria Wern on screen.