31 territories and counting!

If your one-year old child disappeared, would you recognize her twenty years later?

TELL ME YOU’RE MINE deals with two of our greatest fears; losing your child and losing your mind.

31 territories and counting!

Elisabeth Norebäck’s psychological thriller debut TELL ME YOU’RE MINE (Säg att du är min) will be published in Argentina, Chile and Mexico Spring 2018.

Full English translation available.


Argentina: Planeta
Brazil: Verus
Bulgaria: ERA Publishers
Chile: Planeta
Denmark: Politiken
China: Beijing White Horse Time (Simplified Chinese)
Czech Republic: Knihy Dobrovský/Omega
Estonia: Pegasus
Finland: Like
France: Bragelonne
Germany: Heyne/Diana
Greece: Dioptra
Hungary: Animus
Iceland: Tindur
Israel: Dani books
Italy: Editricie Nord
Japan: Hayakawa
Korea: Golden Time
The Netherlands: Prometheus
Mexico: Planeta
Norway: Aschehoug
Poland: Zysk
Portugal: Porto
Romania: Editura Trei
Russia: AST
Serbia: Vulkan
Spain: Planeta
Sweden: Polaris
Taiwan: PCUSER (Cite Publishing Group)
Turkey: Penguen Kitap
USA: G.P. Putnam’s Sons /Penguin RH (WER)