Congratulations Anna!

Last night our beloved author Anna Jansson won The Culture Prize in Memory of Hjalmar Bergman. We are really happy for her and her many, many accomplishments!

Jury motivation:
Anna had her breakthrough with the crime series starring Criminal Detective Maria Wern. Now, twenty years later, her novels about Wern have sold in over four million copies in Sweden, they have been translated into seventeen languages, and the TV-series and movies about Maria Wern have become a huge success. Questions like; What is bad? What is good? How should you really live your life? interest Anna and run like intricate themes through her authorship.

For a lot of people Anna is associated with the crime genre, but she also writes children’s books, non-fiction, and feelgood.

Anna is right now writing the third book in the new crime series about Kristoffer Bark who lives in Tybble and works at the Police station in Örebro. By The Culture Prize in Memory of Hjalmar Bergman we want to acknowledge Anna’s 20 years of authorship, now also putting Örebro on Sweden’s and the world’s crime-map.

Read more about Anna here.