Letters to Men (Brev till mannen)

Bianca Kronlöf

Comedian and actress Bianca Kronlöf writes letters to men she has met.

About emotions, sex, violence, masculinity. To the slack and the hard. To dad and grandpa. To the unborn son. To the one night stand. To you who have bought the myth and to you who have never raised your hand.

Are you one of them?

125 pages


Finland: Into Kustannus
Korea: Bookhouse Publishing
Norway: Mangschou forlag
Sweden: Albert Bonniers Förlag


“Bianca Kronlöf primarily emphasizes individual responsibility. What we do matters, and it is our duty to intervene. When it comes to the issue of men’s violence, it is not enough for a few men to get involved in the issue. A first step to change can be to read this book, which efficiently and pedagogically punctures the defenses and excuses we men use to avoid calling ourselves or showing moral courage.”
Dagens Nyheter /SWE

“Bianca Kronlöf is refreshingly straightforward. But she is also compassionate. And she is ready to strike, funny despite (or maybe actually thanks to) the anger and sadness that is there beneath the surface.”
Arbetarbladet / SWE

”Thanks for the letters Bianca. They were easy to read and the high browed will of course consider them a bit simple, but the simplicity is underestimated. Straight questions make people think for themselves, and that is the point.”
Västerbottenkuriren / SWE

“There is a huge anger and frustration over the injustices due to the current gender rolls. The book gives tips and advice for men who want to be involved and work for a change. Letters to men “is simply a compression of what feminism is about, but it is no less important or less relevant because of this. It is an identification of what the problems consist of and a statement  about the absens of men in the struggle for a more equal society.”
Folkbladet Västerbotten / SWE

“The letter format includes the opportunity to dare to say what you otherwise cannot say. When Bianca Kronlöf gets personal, the book is at its best. In a letter, she addresses the man who raped her. That letter shines with righteous anger and courage.”
Göteborgsposten / SWE

“Thumbs up: Bianca Kronlöf’s book Letters to men. An incredibly important book. Everyone must read.”
Kungsbackaposten / SWE

“Kronlöf’s book is the perfect gift for Father’s Day.”
Piteå Tidning / SWE

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